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FAEMA Eclipse 61

Our service technician has fully restored this machine to not only its original like-new condition, but has installed a computer module to automatically control filling of the water reservoir thus protecting the heating elements!
This Eclipse 61 is truly a classic antique restored to mint condition PLUS. Recent sales of similar units (without the water-fill module) have been typically in the $8000 to $9000 range.

bulletThe machine weighs about 150 pounds (our guess for the moment). As a result, it must be shipped via common carrier.
bulletYou may either pre-pay for freight or upon payment to us may arrange for freight COD.
bulletMachine needs to plumbed-in.
bulletRequires 220 v single phase 20 amps
bulletWill warrant parts for 1 year
bulletIf you are in the Los Angeles, California area, we will also warrant labor
bulletIf not located within the United States, purchaser must take full and total responsibility for duties and customs as may apply.

Below is a review of this machine written by Carlo & John Di Ruocco of Mr. Espresso fame.

The re-evolution of the espresso machine

In 1961, Italy experienced a total eclipse of the sun. The same year, FAEMA introduced a new espresso machine. So powerful was this event, the FAEMA E61 obscured the entire preceding generation of espresso machines.

Some of the innovations introduced on the FAEMA E61 are:

THE HEAT EXCHANGER: A separate boiler for espresso is located within the main boiler allowing the machine to operate at a higher boiler pressure while maintaining a lower water temperature for espresso. The result is a higher steam capacity and the optimum water temperature for a correct extraction. In addition, the heat exchanger circulates water through the groups, maintaining the essential brewing components at a constant temperature while the machine is not in use.

THE VOLUMETRIC PUMP AND BYPASS: The use of a volumetric water pump and a built-in bypass provide the espresso machine with the constant and ideal water pressure for a correct extraction.

THE PRE-INFUS10N CHAMBER: An empty chamber located within the group allows water vapor to pre-wet and pre-heat the delicate coffee grounds before receiving the full impact of the hot water under high pressure, thus reducing bitterness.

THE WATER SOFTENER: The use of a water-softening device reduces mineral buildup resulting in more consistent operation as well as extending the life of the machine.

The E61 established FAEMA as The technological leader of espresso machines, selling over 250,000 units and controlling 90 of the market in the 1960's. This machine has been copied over and over again, and its design is still the fundamental model for most manufacturers today. However, no other manufacturer has been able to equal the execution of this design as well as FAEMA themselves. The machines that FAEMA builds today are still recognized as producing the best espresso with the most consistency.

FAEMA has also continued TO lead the industry in innovation with such products as the automatic milk frother and the first computerized machine. In 1991, FAEMA commissioned an internationally recognized designer, Giorgietto Giugiaro, to design a new machine in commemoration of the E61. The intention of this design is to create a machine so innovative, that it will propel FAEMA into the next millennium as the continued industry leader. This machine is known as the FAEMA E91.

For a detailed view of the backside of this machine, click here.