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E 92 Elite A  

Electronically controlled automatic espresso coffee machine featuring a programmable dosing system, which sets the quantity of coffee, hot water, frothed milk and cappuccino.
Heating: electrical.

Range: from 2 to 4 coffee groups.

-  Cappuccinomatic®
-  customizable luminous front panel;
-  2 multidirectional stainless steel steam arms and 1 multidirectional stainless steel hot water tap and electric cup-warmer adjustable on three different temperature levels;
-  adjustable thermal thermosiphonic system to optimize the thermal machine equilibrium;
-  automatic anti-suction valve which prevents the liquid being heated from flowing back into the boiler;
-  automatic boiler fill and hot water economizer;
-  clock to regulate the machine ON/OFF time;
-  built-in computer to digitally control:
  -  coffee, frothed milk, cappuccino and hot water dose settings;
  -  display on the display: boiler pressure; the delivered beverages' number and the check control.


Light blue and steel. Optional: Lux.


Optional accessories:
waiters' accounting kit, computer interface kit, gas heating.


the innovative "Cappuccinomatic®" allows preparing the cappuccino automatically, by pouring the frothed milk and the espresso directly into the same cup according to the programmed doses. The E92 Elite can be connected directly to the "Frigobox", a refrigerated unit, which preserves 3 liters (0.8 US gal.) of fresh milk at a temperature lower than 5° C (41° F). (Frigobox Dimensions: WXDXH mm 220X350X320 - in 8.66"X13.8"X12.6")
(WxDxH) mm/in.
Boiler Capacity
(l/US gal)
Max power
at 220/380V (W)
2 groups 760x560x520
11 – 2.91 5100
3 groups 1000x560x520
17,5 – 4.62 6400
4 groups 1240x560x520
24,1 – 6.37 6500


The manufacturer reserves the right to modify the appliances presented in this publication without notice.

Technical features  -  E91 Diplomat E91 A Diplomat E91 S Diplomat
Automatic espresso coffee machine with programmable portion control --
Semiautomatic espresso coffee machine with continuous coffee brewing --
Available in 2, 3, 4 group versions
Die-cast aluminium, stainless steel and makrolon casing
Colours available: blu marine or Lux (painted brown and polished brass)
2 swivelling steam wands with sliding controls
1 swivelling hot water wand:
-with 3 automatic and programmable water dosing controls
- with push button --
1 "Cappuccino Magic" milk foaming device:
- patented U.S. 4.779.519-4.715.274;
Europa 0243326; Canada 1268345 --
- with programmable and automatic portion control
- with manual control --
Built-in volumetric pump
Electronic boiler water refill
Gauge indicator for boiler pressure --
Gauge indicator for pump pressure
Standard electrical cup-warmer
Electncal or gas heabng with piezoelectrical lit-up
Coffee delivery with:
- 4 programmable selections with volumetric dosing and continuous delivery push button
- 1 continuous delivery push button --
On-off dally programmable timer --
Digital display monitor for boiler pressure, coffee-consumption counter, programming modes and auto-check functions --
Led indicator for all push button controls --
Light indicators for power-mode and cup-warmer
Push button tap for manual boiler refill

E91 A Diplomat A/S

2 Groups

3 Groups

4 Groups

Boiier capacity i. 11 17.5 24.1
Voitage 208-240V 220-240/380-415 V 3N 50-60 Hz
Absorption kW 3,53-4,7 5,15-6,85 5,15-6,85
Dimensions ixwxh mm 760x560x520 1000x560x520 1240x560x520
Weight kg 65 86 95

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DUE Machines Technical Features DUE S DUE A
Automatic shot dosing espresso coffee machine   check
Semiautomatic espresso coffee machine check  
1,2 group models check check
Electrical heating check check
Makrolon outer case and stainless steel frame check check
Colors: gray or burgundy check check
2 fully rotatable stainless steel steam wands check check
1 fully rotatable stainless steel hot water spout with water mixer check check
Coffee brewing control by means of touch-buttons   check
Dual pump and boiler pressure gauge check check
Electronic boiler water-refill check check
Built-in volumetric pump check check
Optionals: gas heating (ipr 2 groups only), electrical cup-warmer check check
Optionals: Cappuccino Magic Patented: U.S. 4.779.519 - 4.715.274 Europe 0243326 Canada 1268345 check check
Voltage: 220-240V-50/60Hz; 380-41 5V 3N 50/60Hz check check

Groups Length Height Width Boiler capacity Power Absorption Kcal/h
8 l.-2 US gal
11 l.-3 US gal.
2900-3450 W
2950-4650 W